Be Ready for What Comes Next

Much of safety, security and emergency response hinges on the ability of responding agencies to be agile in the face of present and emerging threats and challenges. The ability to “shift gears” on the fly can mean the difference between bringing the necessary resources to a scene or even stopping one from occurring. Therefore, it is vital that all the partner agencies that would be expected to respond to an incident or potential threat not only have good plans, but also have practiced those plans in a way that creates synergy and consistency among them.

Simply put, communications at the scene of an incident should be more about what responders are already doing rather than telling them what to do. Safety, security and emergency response plans, protocols and procedures are extremely important but if the people assigned to carry them out are not in sync with them and the organization’s expectations, then much will be lost.

For more than 16 years, LeadSimm LLC has assessed the ability of plans, protocols, procedures and most importantly people to deliver performance in the face of complex natural and man made incidents. We focus on creating proactive strategies, positive learning environments and leadership development opportunities where people can understand the need to build relationships prior to an incident, come to know their roles and build confidence in their ability to meet any emerging threats or challenges.

Our goals---help our clients reduce or eliminate risk, save lives and protect property and the environment.

LeadSimm LLC is a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business.