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The LeadSimm Collaborative Leadership Model Explained

Collaborative Leadership is an influence relationship, which engenders safety, trust and commitment, among leaders and their partners who intend substantive or transforming change that reflect their mutual purpose, shared vision and common goals.

Complexity drives the need for collaboration; collaboration drives the need for safety and trust. The Collaborative Leadership model is aptly suited for the 21st Century because it is a trust based model that fosters the creation of an interlocking network of relationships among people who are working to create a movement or force for change.  The formation of these collaboratives allows for a myriad of talent and experience to be brought to bear on the complexities associated with organizational issues and challenges.

The Collaborative Leadership model can be learned and practiced and is the foundation for the LeadSimm experience.   As the participants work to resolve the dilemmas presented in the simulation scenarios they get "hands on" opportunities to practice the model in a realistic setting.  Moreover, within the simulation environment, the participants learn that using collaborative leadership is practical and an effective way to deal with complex issues and challenges.